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Our story

We are a team of sports fanatics working towards transforming the way the sport is organised, played, analysed and experienced. With over a decade of deep domain expertise and competence in consulting, technology and analytics across disciplines, we have mastered the art of binding the distinct technologies in the world of sports, which has resulted in creating epic results for our clients around the globe.

SportsMechanics philosophy of transforming the Sports Eco-System will be tangibly felt as we operate at the 'Passion Frequency' and not at the 'Business Frequency'

Sm Running Man

  • 10+ years of leadership in transforming the Sports Eco-System
  • Over 50+ elite sports bodies as clients, governing body of Cricket, Hockey, Squash and many more
  • 12+ decades of collective expertise in designing strategy and delivering operations management, performance management, brand management and fan engagement solutions to the sporting eco-system
  • First Indian Company to present at the MIT Sloan Analytics Conference
  • First global sports company to integrate a "live match centre" in Facebook
  • Operations in 15 countries India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Kenya, Ireland, Scotland, West Indies, Mexico and Canada

Explore New avenues

We design, build, and implement top notch solutions with agile advisory services, supreme advanced analytics, and robust technology platform that helps sports bodies, athletes, teams, brands, broadcasters and media achieve better outcomes and finally deliver the best in class experience for the fans through the stakeholders in the value chain.


Our techno-domain experts design every solution considering the dimension 'SPORTS' as the key framework to build unified SEE (Sports Experience Ecosystem) platform for Envisioners = Sports Bodies, Enablers = Brands, Broadcasters & Media, Exhibitors = Athletes, and Experiencers = Fans to help them build the essential competencies


Why partner with the best

With over 10+ years of expertise in delivering robust solutions that is prudently designed to increase the operational and performance efficiency whilst reducing the operational cost. And, most importantly create new revenue streams by amplifying brand management, and fan engagement through mobile, social and digital initiatives.

  • Enterprise Management

    Enterprise Management

  • Performance Management

    Performance Management

  • Brand Management

    Brand Management

  • Enabling FAN Engagement

    Enabling FAN Engagement


SportsMechanics will design the roadmap to assist enterprise leverage the best tools to achieve the set objectives, recognise the audience, and create new revenue streams.

Pathway for high performance

Consulting Play


SportsMechanics platform is an inherent part of sports and the development of sports. The platform will support sporting bodies enhance productivity whilst reducing operational cost.

Assuring seamless experience across channels

Technology Play


SportsMechanics domain experts are frontrunners in producing rich content for every stakeholder in the eco-system - assuring high performance engagement at all (enterprise, sports personnel, and fan) levels.

Fabric of sport


SportsMechanics will deliver supreme experience with a local and international flavor to drive loyalty, revenue, and higher lifetime value for all the stakeholders in the eco-system.


Data Analytics Play

Analytics as a service

We have pioneered cutting edge data analytics to augment sports performance and entertainment experience.

  • Interpret
    InterpretStrength and weakness, conditions, performance trends.
  • Interpret
    PredictScores, chance of winning, performance and opponent strategy.
  • Interpret
    DecideTeam composition, auction and selection strategy, schedule and workload.
  • Interpret
    DriveFan sentiment, fan engagement, online traffic and social media following.

Products | Solutions

Critically acclaimed NextGen sports enterprise digital integrated solution


The leading sporting bodies and teams in the world choose SportsMechanics’ robust integrated platform to drive process and sub-process efficiencies!

  • Design and manage player profiling and allocation of match officials
  • Efficiently plan, schedule and manage tournaments round the year
  • Digitise scoring/performance analysis of match data – capturing all aspects of the game
  • Real time live scores with alerts delivered seamlessly on a digital and mobile platform
  • Instantly convert scattered match data into insights
  • Ability to archive game data in an organised manner
  • Match officials evaluation and tracking system

Discover how we can revolutionize your enterprise system

  • t20T20 Lite
  • Digilised Player ProfileDigitise Player Profile
  • Content Management ServicesContent Management Services
  • Sports CloudSports Cloud

The non-negotiables for creating and sustaining a successful high performance entity


SportsMechanics is unique in its comprehensive performance management assurance, and is widely acknowledged for its deep understanding of the domain which results in a holistic delivery around technical, tactical, strategic and cognitive aspects of the team and its stakeholders.

We assist elite teams make critical decisions both on and off the field by deploying

  • Talent identification and scouting platform
  • Real time dashboard and game changing insights for stakeholder in the system
  • Most comprehensive Athlete Management System to capture, observe, analyse and report player performance, workload, injury management, wellbeing and conditioning
  • In app tracking and instant feedback platform – improve coordination and communication between every stakeholder involved in the system
  • Secure exchange of valuable insights

Discover how to achieve success without compromising on efficiency and quality

  • Athlete Management SystemAthlete Management System
  • Over the RopeOver the Rope Decision Support System
  • Sports MentorSports Mentor
  • Deep Point AnalyticsDEEP POINT Analytics Platform
  • Team Performance AppTeam Performance App

Designed to build a global strategy, create global opportunities and assure early results


A comprehensive outcome based brand management solution that helps leading brands score with sports

  • Strategically positioning the brand image and message to generate “time share = acceptance”, and ‘mind share = branding” to compel share of wallet = $$ Sponsors”.
  • We assist leading brands develop roadmap for both online and offline engagement with quantifiable data
  • ROO/ROI analysis for marketing components like media management, sponsor management, digital & social media management and e-commerce management
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution to help brands manage and share their communication data at every stage of their journey

You are assured to stay ahead of the curve – Ask us how…

  • Digital Asset ManagementDigital Asset Management
  • Brand AnalyticsBrand Analytics
  • Content Management ServicesContent Management Services
  • Customer ExperienceCustomer Experience

Data is the fabric of fan engagement


In this day and age, there is a more efficient way of leveraging your online and offline properties to own your fan. That’s where we come in!

  • Deliver supreme experience with a local and international flavour to drive fan loyalty and brand advocacy
  • NextGen infographics to fuel fan banter
  • Automated content feeds for the digital, mobile and social properties
  • An intelligent social listening and analytics engine to launch personalised campaigns to integrate sponsors
  • Generate higher lifetime value for all the stakeholders
  • Harnessing the contemporary channels with the structured, semi structured and unstructured data to revolutionise the way fans connect with the sport and/or a brand at the stadium, mobile, social and digital

Leading international sporting franchisees, bodies, brands, broadcasters and media rely on our expertise – Ask us why…

  • Insta PlayMatchcentre / Insta Play
  • Insta Tweet/PostInsta Tweet/Post
  • Fan AnalyticsFan Analytics
  • Content Management ServicesContent Management Services

infographics case study

  • Infographic
  • Infographic
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leadership team

Our clients are our brand ambassadors

The trust we have earned by building lasting relationships with our clients have helped us expand our reach, and proudly seen as a strategic partner for our clients' technology, operations, performance and business initiatives.

  • Rod Marsh

    SportsMechanics has produced outstanding batting and bowling capsules which have been used extensively and will no doubt give the Associate players a great understanding of what is required for consistent success at the top level. They must have a great range of vision from which to select as all the relevant matches we asked for were delivered.

    Rod MarshDirector of Coaching ICC Global Cricket Academy

  • Michael Nobbs

    Thank you so much for the speed at which you have given me the reports. It is really important to our game preparation, and your help has been invaluable to me. Thanks you so much I know your back end team has worked
    very hard to do this job and I am indebited to them.

    Michael NobbsFormer Indian Men's Hockey Team

  • Ricki Herbert

    I would like to thank SportsMechanics for everything they have done for the NorthEast United Franchise during the ISL competition. As head coach, I have been very very impressed not only with their system and their performance but also with the wondeful services provided by their analyst to the team. They have been absolutely excellent with their professionalism in supporting us with the necessary statistical information for the North East United F.C during the inaugural edition of the ISL. I would strongly recommend Sports Mechanics to all football entities to use their cutting edge services.

    Ricki HerbertHead Coach-NorthEast United &
    Former national Coach of NewZealand National Football Team-2010 WorldCup

  • G.S. Sandhu

    SporsMechanics have been doing a really good job for Indian Boxing. I have been associated with SportsMechanics for many years now. They analyze the individual boxers movements with so much accuracy. The technical, tactical and combination movements are very well analyzed and evaluated. I am very thankful to SportsMechanics for doing a wonderful job for Indian Boxing.

    G.S. SandhuChief Coach -Indian Boxing Team

  • Major Maniam

    Squash Rackets Federation of India has been using Athlete Tracking Programme supplied by SportsMechanics for the past 3 years. This has helped me and my coaches immensely in keeping a track of the players progress.

    Major ManiamCoaching Director World Squash Federation & Squash Rackets Federation of India

  • G.E.Sridharan

    SportsMechanics helped our team with live video feedback during practice sessions and also after the practice for us to review the day's work. This makes our practice sessions more objective, efficient and well organized.

    G.E.SridharanHead Coach - Indian Senior Men Volleyball team

  • N. Ramesh

    SportsMechanics has made our approach more structured and purposeful. We thank the Sports Authority of India for providing us with advanced support systems such as performance analytics from SportsMechanics. We hope that their good work continues even post the London Olympics.

    N. RameshCoach - 400m Indian Women Team

  • Achanta Sharath Kamal

    I am able to benefit immensely from the input given by SportsMechanics. I can clearly see that their precise feedback has helped my coach in giving me better guidance

    Achanta Sharath KamalOlympian and Arjuna Awardee - Table Tennis

  • Renjith Maheshwary

    The services provided by SportsMechanics has been very critical for me as they have helped me correct my technique and enhance my skill on a day to day basis.

    Renjith MaheshwaryOlympian - Triple Jump

We're here to take you to the next level

SportsMechanics India Pvt. Ltd, RR Towers, Phase - 3, 1st Floor, Thiruvika Industrial Estate, Guindy - 600 032.

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