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LinePushing the boundaries of performance, on and off the field.

Pushing the boundaries of performance, on and off the field.Line

  • Analytics and High PerformanceIntelligence from Chaos

    To enable our clients to go out on the field and perform at their absolute best, we realized that collecting and analyzing on and off-field performance data was a big game changer. Over the years, we have evolved and set up state-of-the-art systems that automatically captures and analyzes data 24/7 and translates that into sporting intelligence. We now provide teams with that ‘extra edge’, enabling them to go out and perform to their maximum potential. We work behind the scenes passionately, providing them with actionable insights on a daily basis.

  • Sports TechnologyPushing the boundaries of innovation

    SportsMechanics exists in a constant state of innovation and the enabler of that innovation is our meticulously built technology layer that it is way ahead of its time. From conceptualization solutions that analyze performance related data, providing analytical solutions for broadcast, web and mobile platforms, to building ERP solutions and back end sports processing business units, we are always looking to expand out horizons for the benefit of our clients. It’s time for the future. It’s time to conquer the final frontier.

  • Domain ConsultingDelivering intelligent solutions

    After 13 years in the sports sector, we realized the most important aspect is to be thorough domain experts. Over time, we have built key capabilities and resources which are unheard of in the sports domain. We use this consolidated domain knowledge to structure products and services that solve key business problems for our clients. From collecting highly granular data through televised and non-televised sporting events, implementing smarter sports academies to building online coaching platforms, we deliver scintillating value to our partners, be it any sport.

  • FanplayConnecting with the fans

    A sport is as only as good as its vociferous fan base. Building fan engagement solutions is one of the top priorities for SportsMechanics. In line with this thinking, we are currently building highly engaging solutions like fan specific data, video scorecards, live streaming solutions, broadcast analytics and other groundbreaking solutions